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Galicaster Dashboard

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h4. Galicaster Dashboard Main features (Screencast)

h4. {*}Galicaster Dashboard UI{*}

h4. *Galicaster Dashboard UI*

!scheme.png|align=center,thumbnail,border=1, width=70%%!
{*}Click over to expand the image{*}
*Click over to expand the image*

* Hide: Stop displaying the agent in the mosaic.


h4. Table layout
h3. Calendar View

The calendar provides an interface to browse and review the recordings in your capture agents.




h5. Download Galicaster Dashboard (alpha)


{center}By downloading, you agree to the [non-commercial license|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/].
(Commercial licenses also available under request){center}


h5. Panel view - Mosaic layout


h5. Panel view - Table layout


h5. Calendar view