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1.3.0 Release Candidate Process

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h3. Release Candidate Source Code
The following list includes all the release candidates published so far for the 1.3.0 version:
* [1.3.0-rc1|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/galicaster-1.3.0-rc1.tgz]
* [1.3.0-rc2|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/galicaster-1.3.0-rc2.tgz]
* [1.3.0-rc3|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/galicaster-1.3.0-rc3.tgz]
* [1.3.0-rc4|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/galicaster-1.3.0-rc4.tgz]

* New [RTP device module|#rtp] \- to support RTP network devices such as Axis cameras. (mpeg4 and h264)
* New [Custom device module|#custom] \- to test new sources within Galicaster using GStreamer syntax. (advanced users)
* [External scripts in profiles|#scripts] for device configuraction.
* [Configurable encoder and muxer|#encoder].
* Close session and shutwdown option on the UI.
* Save crashed recordings on restart.

* New Check_Repository_plugin: To start missed scheduled recordings on startup.
* Screen_Saver_Plugin: improved screensaver control for Ubuntu 12.04.
* No_audio_dialog_plugin: general improvement, more comnfigurable.

h3. New documentation -- under construction {anchor:docs}
Till the 1.3.0 release documentation is best consulted on the wiki. New pages include:

[Compatible hardware|Compatible hardware table]
* [Compatible hardware|Compatible hardware]
* ** [Galicaster:Logitech webcams]
* [Galicaster:Hauppauge cards]
** [Galicaster:Hauppauge capture cards]
* ** [Galicaster:Bluecherry PV and BC cards]
* ** [Galicaster:Blackmagic capture cards]
* ** [Galicaster:Epiphan framegrabbers]
* ** [Galicaster:Osprey Cards]
* ** [Galicaster:Datapath video capture cards]
[Galicaster:Galicaster configuration 1.3.0]
* [Galicaster configuration]
** [Galicaster:Plugins]
** [Galicaster:Input Profiles]
[Galicaster:Track configuration]
** [Device module configuration]
* Device modules:
* ** [Galicaster:V4l2 device module]
* ** [Galicaster:Pulse device module]
* ** [Galicaster:Epiphan device module]
* ** [Galicaster:Datapath device module]
* ** [Galicaster:Hauppauge device module]
* ** [Galicaster:Blackmagic device module]
* ** [Galicaster:Firewire device module]
* ** [Galicaster:RTP device module]

h3. Acknowledgments
Guillem Rivas & Miguel Escrivá, University Politechnic of Valencia (Spain)

We also want to extend our gratitude to all the people that have tested Galicaster, contributed reporting bugs, proposed issues and given suggestions through the different communication channels.

h4. Configurable Encoder and Muxer

Most of the device plugins modules of Galicaster are now able to configure the encoder and muxer which will process the data.
Exceptions include:
* Hauppauge cannot define the encoder nor the muxer.
{note}Pulse parameter is {{{_}encoder{_}}}, not {{{_}audioencoder{_}}}. This denomination will be corrected in the next RC.{note}
{note}In RC1 the Pulse parameter is {{{_}encoder{_}}}, not {{{_}audioencoder{_}}}. This denomination was corrected in RC2.{note}
To know more of the paramaeters of each muxer and encoder consult the Gstreamer documentation.
{code:none}gst-inspect flvmux{code}

name = Webcam
videoencoder = x264enc bitrate=1000 pass=5 quantizer=23
location = /dev/video0
file = CAMERA.mp4
h4. RTP device module

A new device plugin module has been developed in order to provide compatibility with network cameras and other RTP-based devices. This plugin module records video or video+audio encoded on MPEG4 or H264, with audio in ACC or MP3.

This plugin The module has been extensively tested over several [Axis network cameras|Galicaster:Axis Network Cameras], with and without audio. Other devices has been tested but in a lesser degree - Epiphan Broadcasters, for instance-. If you test this plugin module on other cameras, please report your results back to the [community list|Galicaster:Community].

Consult the [plugin [module configuration|Galicaster:RTP device plugin] module] and contact us for troubleshooting.

Current endpoints include:
|| URL || Description ||
| *{{/state}}* {{*/state{*}}} | Show some state values |
| *{{/repository}}* {{*/repository{*}}} | List MP keys |
| *{{/repository/<id>}}* {{*/repository/<id>*}} | Get MP manifest (XML) |
| *{{/metadata/<id>}}* {{*/metadata/<id>*}} | Get MP metadata (JSON) |
| *{{/start}}* {{*/start{*}}} | Start a manual recording |
| *{{/stop}}* {{*/stop{*}}} | Stop current recording |
| *{{/operation/ingest/<id>}}* {{*/operation/ingest/<id>*}} | Ingest MP |
| *{{/operation/sidebyside/>id>}}* {{*/operation/sidebyside/>id>*}} | Export MP to side-by-side |
| *{{/operation/exporttozip/<id>}}* {{*/operation/exporttozip/<id>*}} | Export MP to zip |
| *{{/screen}}* {{*/screen{*}}} | Get a screnshot of the current desktop |

Activating this plugin is as simple as:


h4. Galicaster 1.3 Metadata Treatment

Before Galicaster 1.3, only some metadata was collected, specially with Series metadata, where only _name_ and _identifier_ were preserved.

After studying and discussing the current situation with metadata regarding Matterhorn and Galicaster, we have made the following modifications in the behaviour on Galicaster's side:

* All metadata is captured, both in episode and series.
* Empty parameters are not included in the files.

Unfortunately Matterhorn overwrittes the metadata of a returning mediapackage, so modifications have to be made in order to preserve any changes made on the capturer. However, if a mediapackage is ingested a second time, all the metadata - but the identifier - will be preserved.

h3. Regarding device behaviour on missing signal and resolution change.

We've compiled a list of the behaviour of the video devices when the signal is missing - unplugged or camera off - or the resolution changes - for VGA capturing devices.
This list was checked over Ubuntu 12.04 with newest drivers and Galicaster 1.3.0rc1

* Datapath:
** Provides configurable No signal black screen, with time counter.
** Scalate to designated resolution.
** We recommend using the newer possible driver.
* NCast:
** Provides mock signal.
** Scales input.
* NCast: Epiphan:
** Provides mock signal.
** Scalates input.
** Newest drivers provides green screen on failure and scales on resolution change.
** V4L2 device module can be used instead of Epiphan's, specifying caps
* Epiphan: Osprey:
** Newest drivers provides green screen on failure and scalates on resolution change.
** V4L2 device module can be used instead of epiphan's, specifying caps
* Osprey:
** provides a blue screen
* Bluecherry PV:
** provides a blue screen with caps well configurated, otherwise it may fail
* Hauppauge:
** Provides black. If configurated on Tuner it provides noise.
** Unfortunately, switch to a good input and standard requires to stop the preview. Other sources can switch on runtime (Osprey f.i.).
* *RTP: Fails*
* *Blackmagic: Fails "silently".*
** It may be a GStreamer issue since the driver works with the vendor SW.
** External HW can prevent failures.
** Doesn't allow resolution change.
* *Firewire: Fails*
Silently means that it won't report an error on Galicaster but the resulting MP will be erronous.

Summing up; Firewire, RTP, webcams and Blackmagic sources need continuous signal.
If signal recovers, user can reload the profile except for webcams, where Galicaster needs to be restarted manually.