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h4. Contents
# [Computer Requirements|#computer]
# [#Installation]
# [Launch problems|#launch]

h5. Documentation

# [Hardware recommendations|1.2.0 Hardware recommendations]
# [Software installation|1.2.0 Software installation]
#* [Galicaster:Capture cards configuration]
#* [Upgrading from older versions]
# [Configuration manual|1.2.0 Galicaster Configuration].
# [User's Guide|User Guide]
#* [FAQ|FAQ]
* [Quick installation guide|Quick installation guide]
* [Cookbook|Cookbook]
\\ \\

h5. Computer Requirements
#* Tactile screens provide an easier, faster experience with Galicaster, but you can use it with a regular screen. Remember to activate the mouse pointer in the configuration file.
# Which computer should I use?
#* Depending on the [1.2.0 Hardware recommendations], an Intel (R) i5 or equivalent should cover most of the capturing devices. An linux-supported graphic card is mandatory.

h5. Devices

# Can I combine any pair of device?
#* Practically every combination is possible but Hardware has to be dimensioned the depending on the device bandwith

# I get an error on one the devices I'm using, what can be wrong?
#* First of all, check if the driver is installed and active. Second, make sure the device is correctly plugged. Then check the location of the device exists and the configuration is valid. If all of the previous is okay, try to run the device one by one.