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The community list is archived in Nabble for visualization purposes. If you want to send a message to the list [*subscribe*|http://lists.galicaster.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/community] and send your messages to *community at galicaster dot es*.

If you are familizarized with Github, check out our [Git repository|https://github.com/teltek/Galicaster], fill issues, follow the development, comment on new features...

For a more private communication with us please contact through our email address: *galicater at teltek.es*,
If you have a problem with galicaster, want to discuss a new feature or want to contribute to the project, consider subscribing to the galicaster community mailing-list:





h4. Community Contributions

* [How to Contribute|Galicaster Code Contributions]
* [Tools & Extensions|Community Tools and Extensions]

h2. New Galicaster Community List Archive
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h2. Old Galicaster Community List Archive
<A href="http://galicaster-community-list.11993.n6.nabble.com/" id="nabblelink" mce_href="http://galicaster-community-list.11993.n6.nabble.com/">Galicaster Community List</A>
<MCE:SCRIPT mce_src="http://galicaster-community-list.11993.n6.nabble.com/embed/f4563787"></MCE:SCRIPT>

<a id="nabblelink" href="http://galicaster-community-list.11993.n6.nabble.com/">Galicaster Community List</a>
<script src="http://galicaster-community-list.11993.n6.nabble.com/embed/f4563787"></script>