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1.0.x Software installation

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* Your equipment meets Galicaster's [Hardware Recommendations|1.1 Hardware recommendations].
* You are running a Linux-based OS. The recommended distribution is [Ubuntu 10.10|http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/cdimage/releases/10.10/release/] .
* Your capture devices are configured as indicated in the [Cookbook|Galicaster:Cookbook]. [Cookbook|1.1 Cookbook].

The installation process consists of six steps: [installing dependencies|#dependences], [checking the configuration|#check], [downloading software|#download], [configuring Galicaster|#config], [checking the connection to a Matterhorn core|#matterhorn] and [testing it|#running].

The [Galicaster:User [1.1 User Guide] section contains Galicaster's user manual. Should you have any questions, please visit the [F.A.Q.|Galicaster:FAQ] [F.A.Q.|1.1 FAQ] section where some common questions are already answered.