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Galicaster and Opencast, the best match

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h4. What is Opencast Matterhorn ?

[Opencast Matterhorn|http://opencast.org/matterhorn] [Opencast|http://opencast.org] is a free open-source platform for managing educational multimedia content. Matterhorn creates a complete environment to ease the production and distribution of multistream lectures. All the steps of the process are covered, from a recording scheduling to its publication in one or several distribution channels.

Matterhorn provides a modular system with a sophisticated set of administrative tools to manage capture recorders, configure processing workflows, establish distribution channels and even playing media content in its own multistream player.
h5. How does Galicaster fit in Matterhorn?

Every Galicaster application can work as a basic standard Matterhorn capture agent. It can register as a capture agent, thus being able to receive scheduled recordings and ingest the resulting mediapackages automatically. The main advantages of Galicaster, compared to a standard Matterhorn capture agents are:

* It has a *graphic interface*.
* *Reingesting media* is very *easy*.
* Users can *replay and review* the recorded media, and
* It provides *media repository features* such metadata edition, recording search, and bulk deletion (very useful when dozens of lectures have been recorded).
* _(New in 1.1)_ Series harvest and edition.
* It provides *media repository features* such metadata edition, recording search and export to side by side compostion.

Manual recordings can be introduced into the Opencast Matterhorn system like a regular scheduled mediapacakge.. Galicaster harvest the available series to use them to edit and catalog a mediapackage before ingesting. Also, a predefined workflow can be set for those recordings, including the paramaters.

Galicaster is compatible wiht Opencast Mattehorn 1.2, 1.3 and the upcoming 1.4.

* _(New in 1.1)_ Custom workflow parameters can be set on each Galicaster agent.