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Galicaster 1.2.1 released

Version 2 by developer
on oct 09, 2012 17:53.

compared with
Current by developer
on dic 21, 2012 16:23.

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*October 9th 2012*

Galicaster 1.2.1 has been released. It fixes some bugs found in GC 1.2.0 - and provides compatibility with Ubuntu 10.10, with the intention of keeping support to legacy hardware.

It is available in [tarball|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/galicaster-1.2.1.tgz] and [deb package|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/galicaster_1.2.1_all.deb] formats. The deb package will upgrade 1.2.0 without affecting current configuration or profile files.
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