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Galicaster Mobile Installation Guide

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The Galicaster Mobile Unit comes equipped with different inputs to fulfill your needs on recording multistream material. Depending on the devices you are about to use you should combine those inputs properly.

There are two main combinations, depending on the type of camera (NTSC or SDI) you use to record the presenter. In both cases you have to use a VGA grabber to record the slides. Those combinations will be explained briefly on the next two sections.
| B2 | *SDI output* | To connect an auxiliary monitor for the SDI video.|
| B3 | *SDI input* | To connect the video camera, BNC connector.|
| B4 | *Ref IN* | To connect a refference signal the monitor of the computer.|


|| \# ||Port || Description||
| C1 | *Antenna input* | For TV tunning purposes, coaxial wire.|
| C2 | *S-Video input* | To connect the video camera, 4-pin connector.|
| C3 | *Composite input* | To connect the video camera, RCA connector.|
* Connect a *laptop* or computer to the Epiphan input. *(D1)*
* Connect a *mixer* or a line-level microphone to the Hauppauge Line input. *(C4)*
* To monitore the sound connect a pair of *headphones* or speakers to the sound card green output. *(E3)*

h4. A.2 SDI based configuration
On this scheme you will be using a Epiphan VGA2USB LR to capture the presentation and a Blackmagic Decklingk SDI to capture a SD-SDI or HD-SDI (720p or 1080p i.e.) video camera. The sound will be recorded via the sound card.

* Connect your *monitor* to an output of the Graphics card. *(A1 to A3)*.

*Input selection*
Depending on the input you are using you have to choose bettween S-Video (4-pin) and Composite (RCA). To list and select the input, run in shell:

h4. B.2 Blackmagic configuration
To list the input standards and formats supported by Blackmagic cards run the following line in a shell:


Once you identified the format you want to capture, edit the _conf.ini_ file you've just downloaded. Search for the _track_ Blackmagic and change the parameters _input_ and _input_type_ for their right values. Some try-and-error may be neccessary since maybe you can't gather all the information from your video source.
The _p_ in 1080p stands for _progressive_
The _i_ in 1080i stands for _interlaced_