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h4. Configurable Encoder and Muxer

Most of the device plugins modules of Galicaster are now able to configure the encoder and muxer which will process the data.
Exceptions include:
* Hauppauge cannot define the encoder nor the muxer.
h4. RTP device module

A new device plugin module has been developed in order to provide compatibility with network cameras and other RTP-based devices. This plugin module records video or video+audio encoded on MPEG4 or H264, with audio in ACC or MP3.

This plugin has been extensively tested over several [Axis network cameras|Galicaster:Axis Network Cameras], with and without audio. Other devices has been tested but in a lesser degree - Epiphan Broadcasters, for instance-. If you test this plugin on other cameras, please report your results back to the [community list|Galicaster:Community].