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1.3.0 Release Candidate Process

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* No_audio_dialog_plugin: general improvement, more comfigurable

h3. New documentation -- under construction {anchor:docs}
New documentation has been included on the code (docs/ folder) as well as in this wiki. This documentation is both partial and provisional but is already useful. Following the release process we will be updating it.

Device modules:
*Device modules*:
* [Galicaster:V4l2 device module]
* [Galicaster:Pulse device module]

[Capture card table|Galicaster:New Capture cards table]
* [Galicaster:Logitech webcams]
* [Galicaster:Revolabs wireless microphones]
* [Galicaster:Epiphan framegrabbers]
* [Galicaster:Datapath video capture cards]
* [Galicaster:NCast cards]
* [Galicaster:Blackmagic capture cards]
* [Galicaster:Hauppauge capture cards]
* [Galicaster:Osprey Cards]
* [Galicaster:Bluecherry H.264 PCIe cards]

*User and administrator guide:*
* [Galicaster:Plugins]
* [Input profiles|Galicaster:Input Profiles]
* [Preparing a recording|Galicaster:User Guide - Preparing for a recording]
* [Scheduled recording|Galicaster:User Guide - Scheduled recordings]
* [Manual recording|Galicaster:User Guide - Manual recording]

h3. New Features description